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How long does it take for me to get my guild wars 2 gold?
GW2 Gold is supposed to be sent to you within 24 hours for both guild wars 2 EU and guild wars 2 US, but only while your information registered on our website is accurate and your payment has been checked and received.
How can I know the OUT OF STOCK situation of a certain server?
Customers who want to know whether gold is in-stock or out of stock may contact our customer service by live chat or MSN, they will check the stock information for you.
Does buy-gw2 support price matching?
Sorry, we don’t support price matching. Our price depends on the demand and supply in the current market. We are continually monitoring and attempting to lower our prices time and again to keep a competitive edge. If you find that our price is outrageous at any point, you may like to check back later.

Guild Wars 2 Race: the Norn

If you are brave enough, your legend will spread through the ages!
The Norn who is a born hero race is from the frozen north. These stalwart soldiers firmly believe that the courage and victory are above all else, their will likes the steely tenacity.
There is no God in the dictionary of the Norn. Instead, their reverence for the spirit of animals including bears, snow leopards, crows and wolves. They will summon even the embodiment of the animals to fight when it is necessary.
Norn scattered to live in the harsh Shiverpeaks. Therefore they scorn the weaker race and never controlled by certain monarch. Each Norn knows that the only courage and victory is eternal. This is the hero.
Charles had wanted to attack the Norn, but when a force of Charles arrived at the foot mountain, the Norn only use a single repression to drive them away. The Norn allowed the army of Charles pass the north Channels from the Askalon to Coretta and set up the stage of the Charles invasive human territories. Although the war does not showed that they have any alliance, but both races stay in the peace of mutual attention.
There is no sign the peace agreement. A treaty is no meaning for the individualistic Norn .No Charles is willing to perform an agreement on paper. However, these two races to allow the passage and trade with each other to maintain the security of their borders.
When the Ice Dragon Jormag's emergence, the Norn was forced to move their home from the far north migrate to the South territory of the dwarves. On the other hand, the dark forces of the ice dragon distorted part of the Norn, made them completely degenerated into Sons of Svanir.


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