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How long does it take for me to get my guild wars 2 gold?
GW2 Gold is supposed to be sent to you within 24 hours for both guild wars 2 EU and guild wars 2 US, but only while your information registered on our website is accurate and your payment has been checked and received.
How can I know the OUT OF STOCK situation of a certain server?
Customers who want to know whether gold is in-stock or out of stock may contact our customer service by live chat or MSN, they will check the stock information for you.
Does buy-gw2 support price matching?
Sorry, we don’t support price matching. Our price depends on the demand and supply in the current market. We are continually monitoring and attempting to lower our prices time and again to keep a competitive edge. If you find that our price is outrageous at any point, you may like to check back later.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

The game developer ArenaNet exposed the fourth career Necromancer of Guild Wars 2 in the GamesCom game. They introduce the official style of Necromancer in Guild Wars 2 in official website. Let the players feel the death of power in Guild War 2.
ArenaNet described the Necromancer is a dark art practice in Guild Wars 2 "official website. The Necromancer summoned the dead, grasped the power of lost souls and draw on the vitality of the enemy. Necromancer relies on the vitality for energy. He can deceive, escape death, or call the dead from back the other side through vitality.
Necromancer can as well rely on the death, decay energy for energy and with the special skills to gain more vitality in the state of attacking or defeating the enemy. If the Necromancer is in the extremely weak state, he will automatically start the death cover ability to continue to fighting under cover state of the soul of death until he has exhausted all the vitality or it was killed then return to their own body in the end.
The Necromancer has unique skills. He can control the area around. For example, the Necromancer can call bleeding a pool to help his teammate physical replies.
Necromancer can also summon undead entourage who acting in accordance with the Necromancer's will to attack the opponent. Necromancer has mark function which marks the target standard notation. For example, the blood can damage the enemy and at the same time can help the nearby teammates.
Necromancer at the same time have the ability to fear, the Necromancer can fear the enemy to flee from their enemies in a short time.


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