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How long does it take for me to get my guild wars 2 gold?
GW2 Gold is supposed to be sent to you within 24 hours for both guild wars 2 EU and guild wars 2 US, but only while your information registered on our website is accurate and your payment has been checked and received.
How can I know the OUT OF STOCK situation of a certain server?
Customers who want to know whether gold is in-stock or out of stock may contact our customer service by live chat or MSN, they will check the stock information for you.
Does buy-gw2 support price matching?
Sorry, we don’t support price matching. Our price depends on the demand and supply in the current market. We are continually monitoring and attempting to lower our prices time and again to keep a competitive edge. If you find that our price is outrageous at any point, you may like to check back later.

Guild Wars 2 Latest Human Race

This week the ArenaNet announced a series of the new development of intelligence about the human race in Guild Wars 2, which make many players satisfied and surprised.
The terms of role modeling and game screen performance in this game can be referred to as a new bright spot for Guild Wars 2, the apparent evolution at the same time it has many surprise highlights more than its predecessor.
The design of role armor, using the light armor, armor and heavy armor three different types to distinguish, and no longer restrict armor based on different occupations. This design can allow players more freedom and has colorful image. However some players said that this is degenerative. Compared to last work of generation, the clothing choices are also more diverse, and each part can freely be combined with staining.
The latest video of human hometown and the G human race screenshot about Guild Wars 2 is posted on the website.
The human society has three powerful military armed forces, which Seraph already have 250 years of the formation of history .They are born in Kryta in the end of the war. The contradictions and battle with government guarding the Army has been throughout the whole history of the Guild Wars, regardless of the official fiction, or always have a description of information articles and records.
Through the introduction of the human race in all aspects, ArenaNet hope that the majority of Guild Wars fans have enough to learn more about this race .It need you to be familiar with the grand world view of the entire game.


08/05/2012 15:18:39