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How long does it take for me to get my guild wars 2 gold?
GW2 Gold is supposed to be sent to you within 24 hours for both guild wars 2 EU and guild wars 2 US, but only while your information registered on our website is accurate and your payment has been checked and received.
How can I know the OUT OF STOCK situation of a certain server?
Customers who want to know whether gold is in-stock or out of stock may contact our customer service by live chat or MSN, they will check the stock information for you.
Does buy-gw2 support price matching?
Sorry, we don’t support price matching. Our price depends on the demand and supply in the current market. We are continually monitoring and attempting to lower our prices time and again to keep a competitive edge. If you find that our price is outrageous at any point, you may like to check back later.

Guild Wars 2 Built-in Cash Trade System

     Last year, when Diablo 3 announced a cash auction rows at the first time, the players or the media are in an uproar for it. The people have to admit that the cash transactions go along with the online games. As times goes by, it is the trend which unable to be resisted now. However the operating companies combat the behavior of the players carry out cash transactions through a variety of platforms.
The NCsoft's North American game development studio Earlier CEO called Mike O'Brien also confirmed the company is developing MMORPG masterpiece Guild Wars 2 which will have built-cash transaction system through his blog and it will meet with the players in the next test.
Mike said that if you want to obtain one thing, whether this thing is the virtual props in the game or real thing. You all have two ways with the monthly card or real money to obtain it. This is already a fact of life. Now the game designer give the players two kinds of selection, the players can get through the game gold or precious stones which represent the real currency by cash top, which can be used for the trading system of the game.
We believe that it is very important. the players have more time to focus on enjoyment of the game content itself rather than the cumbersome process of Farm. The players can get gold to buy what they want when they have the time, but the players who do not have time can also cash to avoid what they are not accustomed to in the cumbersome process.


02/05/2012 17:12:07