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How long does it take for me to get my guild wars 2 gold?
GW2 Gold is supposed to be sent to you within 24 hours for both guild wars 2 EU and guild wars 2 US, but only while your information registered on our website is accurate and your payment has been checked and received.
How can I know the OUT OF STOCK situation of a certain server?
Customers who want to know whether gold is in-stock or out of stock may contact our customer service by live chat or MSN, they will check the stock information for you.
Does buy-gw2 support price matching?
Sorry, we don’t support price matching. Our price depends on the demand and supply in the current market. We are continually monitoring and attempting to lower our prices time and again to keep a competitive edge. If you find that our price is outrageous at any point, you may like to check back later.
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How to pay by Moneybookers?
In Goldsoon, you can pay by several kinds of Credit/Debit Card and Direct Banking payments, after you choose the payment method, then you will forward to, just a few minutes of register, you will own a Moneybookers account. Afterwards, you can process the payment. In the future, you can pay by Moneybookers directly and do not need to register again.

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Guild Wars 2 is a new game that will be released in June, it is depicted on the original Guild Wars but it is also different from the original Guild Wars. The gamers of the Guild Wars 2 are unable to carry their characters from Guild Wars. The same to the upcoming guild wars2, gold is the all aspect. Gold can help you survive in GW2. Without gw2 gold it is hard to enjoy yourself in this upcoming game. In this game, questing gold with the common ways may be a consuming factor, the fast method to get Guild Wars2 gold is buying them with real money.

In the, we can offer you many kinds of items that necessary in Guild Wars 2 game. We can not only provide you the cheap items, but also we can make sure you can get these items in a safe way, and you can receive them in the shortest time. So, join us right now!

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